Are you the victim of a catfish?

If you are contacting us about an internet “catfishing” case, please be sure to include the following information in your private message:

How and when did you “meet”?
Where are you located?
Where is the other individual located?
How do you communicate (email, webcam, text, phone, etc)
Does the person have any social media profiles? (If so, please provide a direct link)

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Congratulations to our inheritance recovery client, S. V.!

Congratulations to our inheritance recovery client, S. V.! She received a check for over $22,000.00 and sent us the following note:

“I would not hesitate to recommend your company. You handled the situation in a very efficient manner. You did all the leg work and we just had to wait for the check to come. Thank you for taking care of this matter in a timely fashion.”

Private investigators, not just for surveillance…

When most people think of a private investigator, they tend to picture an individual lurking in the shadows snapping a few pictures of a cheating spouse.  While that does happen occasionally, the services offered by a licensed private investigator extend far beyond that scenario.

We were recently contacted by an individual needing to locate her ex-husband.  They had divorced over 20 years ago and she had been attempting to locate him for almost a year.  In 2 days we located his phone number and spoke with him regarding the situation. He then spoke with our client and graciously agreed to fax her the documents she needed.

It’s always free to discuss your case, so give us a call if you need help locating someone.

Another MSL Investigations success story…

Recently we were able to assist Kate in locating her biological mother, father, and brother.  Due to an error on her original birth certificate, she had been unable to locate them prior to contacting MSL Investigations.  I want to thank Kate for allowing us to work on her behalf and for allowing us to share her success story with others.

Below is a brief note Kate wrote about her experience. (Surnames removed for privacy reasons)

Tuesday at 4:15p, I spoke with Matt of MSL Investigations regarding my biological family. At 8:45p the same night, I first spoke to my birth mom on the phone.  Last night with Paul by my side and my parents’ complete support, I met her, her partner of over 30 years, Paul (yes, odd), and my 82-year-old biological grandmother. Thank you, Matthew, for your part in changing the lives of so many people. To be loved by people who don’t even know you is a strange feeling. My brother Bryon isn’t even a full year younger than I!”

MSL Investigations client, Kate, meets her biological mother and grandmother.

MSL Investigations client, Kate, meets her biological mother and grandmother.

MSL Investigations client, Kate, meets her biological brother.

MSL Investigations client, Kate, meets her biological brother.

Choosing the right company to locate your birth parent

If you are contemplating beginning a search for your biological parents and have stumbled upon this page as the result of a Google or Facebook search, I want you to know that I understand you have many options and I appreciate you taking the time to consider MSL Investigations.

Like any other industry, unfortunately, there are a handful of companies that continually receive complaints. A simple Google search can help direct you away from the companies you need to avoid… simply enter the name of the business and the word “reviews”. For example, “MSL Investigations reviews”. If a company has a high number of complaints, those complaints will typically show towards the top of your search results. Once you eliminate those companies, you can make an educated decision as to what company you will employ to assist you with your search.

I hope that company will be mine, but even if it’s not, I wish you the best of luck in your search.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Matt Ledbetter

MSL Investigations is hiring!

Are you familiar with Wills, Trusts, and general Estate matters? MSL Investigations is seeking an individual to manage our lost heir cases. Cold calling potential clients required. Attention to detail a must! Sales experience a plus, but not required. Position will be treated as an outside contractor and will be commissions based. Send resume to

Birth Parent / Adoptee Searches…

MSL Investigations specializes in people searches, and the most rewarding, (and difficult) of those are related to lost family members.  Typically, these are searches to locate an individual’s birth parent(s).  The laws and information available to adoptees varies greatly by state, but more and more states are opening up adoption records and allowing individuals access to their original birth certificate.  This information can be vital to a birth parent search.

MSL Investigations can assist you with this difficult process. We obtain the required records on your behalf, conduct the research to locate the proper individual(s), and will even initiate contact with the individual if you so choose.

Contact us today to discuss your case and receive an estimate.

Things to consider when hiring a private investigator…

Are you trying to decide if you need to hire a private investigator?

Do you require some type of information that might be difficult to obtain?  This could be the location of a specific individual, the day to day activities of a spouse or significant other, the criminal history of a potential employee, or any other information you might not be able to discover on your own.  A licensed private investigator can help you obtain this information and the cost can be minor when weighed against the alternatives.

If you have decided you need to hire a PI, you need to determine if the location of the investigator is a primary concern.  Many services offered by private investigators, such as surveillance, infidelity investigations, and fraud investigations, typically need to be performed on location.  If this is the case, you need to contact a licensed private investigator who offers services in the same city as the individual you want investigated.  If you are looking for assistance in locating an individual, conducting a background check, or assessing a catfishing situation, you can normally utilize the services of any licensed investigator as physical location is not key.

To locate contact information for a PI, you can search on Yelp, Google, or any other search engine.  You can also locate a private investigator by using the search feature on Facebook.  Once you locate a firm or individual, you want to make sure the firm/person is licensed with the proper authorities.  In Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety is the governing body that regulates the industry.  You can search to verify a Texas license here: Texas DPS.

Once you determine an individual or business is properly licensed, you should do your due diligence before contacting them.  Read reviews on Facebook, Yelp, etc.  Review their website and/or Facebook page.  A good private investigator has excellent attention to detail, so a website full of spelling errors is not a good sign.  The quality of their marketing materials can typically be closely tied to the quality of their work.

Contact them in the manner in which you feel most comfortable.  Any reputable firm should be available to discuss your situation via phone or email and should return any and all calls/emails promptly.  The consultation is typically free and the investigator should be able to discuss your options and offer you a written estimate (in most states this is required by law).

While the private investigations industry has a reputation that is often times shaded by what people see on television, the truth is that PI’s are professionals just like any other profession and are eager to work on your behalf to produce the results you need.

If you would like to speak with a private investigator, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at MSL Investigations.  The consultation is always free and we’ll be happy to discuss your case and options.


MSL Investigations (Texas License # A18894), located in Austin, TX, specializes in people search services (birth parent, birth child, lost relatives, etc).  In addition, we offer traditional private investigation services to individuals in the central Texas region.

We’ll be utilizing this blog to update our clients and prospective clients on matters specific to our firm as well as news and topics related to the private investigations industry in general.